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Terms and Conditions for bexleytaxis.uk

Agreement to Terms

Acceptance of Terms: By using bexleytaxis.uk and the services provided herein, you are agreeing to have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. The term "The Company" refers to Argb Ground Transport Ltd.

Website Bookings

Provisional Bookings: All bookings made through this website are provisional. A controller will attempt to match a vehicle and a driver to the booking details provided by the user.
If a match is found, the user will be notified via the email address they provided during the booking process and a payment link in that email must be completed to secure the booking.
In some circumstances we may accept payment directly to the driver on the day of travel. This may be by card terminal in the vehicle or by cash.
If the controller cannot match the vehicle and driver to the booking, the user will also be notified of this via the provided email address.

We do not accept any responsibilty for any missed journeys that we have not positively confirmed by email to the email address provided by the user at the time of the booking.

User Responsibility for Entered Data: The Company cannot be held responsible for any data entered by the user. Any inaccuracies in contact details, dates, times, locations, flight numbers, and any other data entered by the user are strictly the responsibility of the user. Users must ensure the accuracy of the data they provide to avoid any inconveniences or miscommunications.

Services and Alterations

Alterations to Journey: Any modifications made to the originally booked and agreed journey may incur additional charges if such changes result in extra time and/or distance.

Fees and Charges

Transparent Fees: No hidden fees, such as taxes or extra charges, will be payable upon completion of the journey, unless there are additional waiting time and/or parking charges, pre-defined and agreed upon in our quotation.

Right to Alter Charges: We reserve the right to modify our charges at any time without prior notice.

Vehicles and Drivers

Substitution of Vehicles or Drivers: The Company reserves the right to substitute any vehicle or driver as necessary.

Cancellation and No-show

Cancellation Policy: In the event of a "No-show" or if a booking is cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the hire period, any and all payments made will be non-refundable.

Liability and Responsibilities

Customer's Properties: Properties of customers are carried entirely at their own risk. The Company shall not be responsible/liable for any loss/damage to such properties.

Missed Connections and Delays: The Company is not responsible for any losses or missed connections due to the taxi not arriving at the pick-up address at the booked time or due to adverse conditions like weather, traffic, or road closures.

Conduct Inside the Vehicle

Alcohol and Food Consumption: Alcohol is only permitted if stored in the rear luggage compartment, and consuming food inside the vehicles is prohibited.

Smoking Policy:Smoking is illegal in the UK and is strictly prohibited in or around the taxi. Additionally, the use of electronic cigarettes (vaping) is also prohibited inside the vehicles.

Seat Belts: It is mandatory to wear seat belts in accordance with British law.


Damage to the Taxi Interior: Clients will be charged appropriately for any damage to the taxi interior they cause, including a cleaning charge and a loss of earnings fee of £100.00 in the event of vomiting.


The use of AI Images: Some images on this website are generated using MidJourney, a generative AI tool. Users are required to review and comply with Midjourney's Terms of Service regarding the use, modification, and commercial application of these images. The use of these AI-generated images should be in accordance with applicable laws and must respect the intellectual property rights of others


Amendments to Terms and Conditions: We may amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time.

Governing Law

Governing Law: These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales, and any disputes arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.